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"When school ended, we all headed in different directions. I wondered how I would stay contacted with the dear friends I had made over the past few years. was the answer. We now have a place to visit one another online! Itís better than a phone call because weíre all involved. We share the experiences of our lives and reminisce about the good olí days. With, I know the miles separating us wonít keep us apart and Iíll continue to grow closer to my friends."

Errica Asper
Saginaw, MI

" is like sitting around the house with my family and not being caught up in the business of the holiday or other events that bring us together, yet take us away as we have to manage the event. It is relaxed and fun conversations. In the past, it has been so time consuming to write emails to each family member, even with forwarding. The epistle site allows us to really communicate and have fun as we comment or not on the epistles written. I'm loving it!"

Greg and Janel Campbell
Rigby, ID

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