• runs on a server in a brick hosting facility in Salt Lake City, UT. The building was originally designed to contain railroad combustibles. As a result, the facility was built to withstand bomb blasts, earthquakes, floods, etc. Its walls are approximately two feet thick.

  • is secured with biometric scanners. This means a specific finger print is required to gain entrance to the facility.

  • is backed up on three unique hard drives every night. Counting the original, four unique copies of your information exist at any given time.

  • is password protected. For anyone to access your account they must discover your password. Make your password difficult to guess and don't share it with others.

  • is an entitlement-driven, limited-access forum. In other words, nobody can access your epistles (or other information) unless they are entitled to. This is much different, and far more secure, than public access forums and blogs.