is your own online community that includes only the people you invite. You and the other members of your community can share your lives together in a way you've likely never experienced before. Think of it like a self-generating newsletter for your group, whether it's your family, your friends, your schoolmates, or any other circle of people you'd like to define. It's your own little place on the Web where you and your favorite people come together.

As an added bonus, you will be creating your own group journal as you share your lives together. provides a way to share letters (epistles, journal entries, messages, etc.) with family, friends, and others without the problems e-mail can often present, like:
  • Did I forget to include someone on my e-mail distribution list?
  • Am I imposing on these folks by including them on my e-mail distribution list?
  • Will this attachment be too big for some e-mail accounts?

  • solves these problems and provides many additional benefits, like:
  • Keep a centralized, searchable archive of all the letters from everyone in the group
  • Post comments to each other regarding any topic of discussion
  • Entitle some members as authors, and others as readers only
  • Upload images to one place and share them with others without clogging up e-mail boxes
  • List significant dates (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.) and receive reminders by e-mail
  • Share contact information (e-mail address, phone, address) with the other members of your group
  • Receive e-mail notifications whenever a new letter is posted

  • is not a public forum. No interaction can occur outside the group. This shelters you and your loved ones from unwanted visitors (i.e. internet predators, etc.). can help you stay close to your favorite people no matter how far apart you are. Make the most of your relationships and maintain a safe, secure online home for your loved ones. Come together on