Have you ever had an experience that you can't quite put into words? Maybe you've ridden the Dueling Dragons® roller coaster at the Islands of Adventure (Universal Studios) theme park. Words don't do justice to the thrill of approaching another roller coaster head on at 55 mph. MyEpistles.com doesn't provide the same thrill as the Dueling Dragons® roller coaster, but describing the benefits of MyEpistles.com is a little like trying to describe a heart-pounding thrill ride. Here are some points to ponder about why you should consider using MyEpistles.com:

1) The quantity of communication within your group will improve. Most people are hesitant to send periodic e-mails to their friends and families if it's just to let them know what they're doing. They're not so hesitant to update their friends and family using MyEpistles.com.
2) The quality of communication within your group will improve. Not only will you hear more from each other, you'll be able to "converse" with each other, offer opinions, share ideas, and make comments.
3) When two (or more) group members happen to be logged in at the same time, you'll find yourself "chatting" with one another. Not just Instant Messenger style small talk, but meaningful discussions around topics of interest and recent events.
4) You'll never forget a special occasion again. MyEpistles.com can send you a reminder before each significant date.
5) MyEpistles.com feels like home. It's not as much a method of sending messages as it is a gathering place for people who care about each other.
6) You can belong to multiple groups simultaneously. This means you can share your information across multiple groups.
7) It's free to try. If you like it, the subscription is nominal. If you don't like it, you never spent a dime.
8) There's no advertising or unsolicited e-mail. That alone is a rare find on today's Internet.