Hi. My name is Nate and I'm the reason MyEpistles.com was born. (In case you're wondering, I'm the guy with dark hair standing in the center of the back row.) Here's the story.

The Short Story
My Mom and Dad left the United States. We needed a way to communicate with them. E-mail serves the base purpose, but doesn't provide a collaborative approach to writing letters. Enter MyEpistles.com. It's our own little place on the Web where we write our letters to each other, share our lives with each other, and maintain a searchable archive. Perfect.

The Whole Story
Not long ago Mom and Dad left their beautiful home in Draper, Utah for the jungles of the Dominican Republic. While away, they dedicate their time to helping and serving others (primarily by sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ).

Everyone who knows them expresses interest in reading about their adventure. "Please include me on your e-mails," they all say. Sounds easy enough. That is, until Mom and Dad stop to think about it…
  • Do people really want to hear from us every week, or are they just saying that to feign interest? We don't want to force our letters on someone who doesn't wish to receive them.  
  • Will those who are genuinely interested in receiving our letters now continue to be genuinely interested through the duration of our adventure? It would be difficult and awkward for them to ask to be removed from our mailing list.  
  • What if we left someone off the distribution list? Will they be offended? Will we have to send them all the previous letters to get them up to date?  
  • What if our letters include responses to letters from others? Some of the recipients of our letters won't understand what we're talking about.

    And then I started thinking, too…  
  • I would really like to read the letters my siblings write to Mom and Dad. That would give me a chance to keep up on their lives, and to be a part of the entire communication stream. (Ironically, I live within one mile of two of my siblings.)  
  • I would like others to be able to see the letters I write to Mom and Dad, but I don't want to assume that others want to receive them.

    Happy Birthday, MyEpistles.com!
    From this conundrum, MyEpistles.com was born. It solves all these problems.

    Much of the New Testament is a compilation of epistles (or letters) written to various communities (for example, Paul's epistles to the Corinthians are contained in the books of Corinthians). In similar fashion, MyEpistles.com contains epistles from the members of a group to the other members of the group. MyEpistles.com is your group's testament - your own collaborative online journal.

    I'm thrilled to see how widely accepted and successful the site has become. It has far exceeded its original purpose. I now belong to several different groups in addition to the "Mom and Dad Are In The Jungle" group. We all regularly post epistles to the site, and we regularly communicate with each other by commenting on each other's epistles. All of us seem to share the same opinion - "I know my family better now than ever before because of MyEpistles.com."

    If there are any families, groups of friends, roommates, teammates, school groups, etc. that can benefit from this site even a small fraction as much as my family and I have benefited from the site, it's worth getting the word out.

    I recommend you and yours give it a try. You just might get to know each other!