"When I first joined my family epistle group, I just read what others wrote. But, it didnít take long before I wanted to share my own experiences. As I did so, I realized that I was recording history. Itís great. I am journaling while enjoying communication with my family. "

Jan Veigel
Fairview, WY
"MyEpistles has brought me closer to family in many ways. I have enjoyed participating in a group with my husband's extended family to get to know them better. It is so much easier to keep everyone updated on big events, everyday news, and good laughs. This site has become especially meaningful to me since my parents moved out of the country. Even being scattered across the globe, we can communicate regularly and share our experiences. What a fun and special way to preserve our family ties!"

Becky Lancaster
Provo, UT
"My Epistles is the best way for me to relax in the evening. I like to check it just before I go to bed. Iíve got so many kids and grandkids. The Epistles has helped the entire family to build better relationships. There's so much fun that goes on that site! The other day I had a handyman over doing some work. He heard me laughing and laughing. He finally said, "Boy, that sure sounds fun!" I read every single letter and comment. I just look forward to it so much!"

Marie Call
Afton, WY
"Thank you for this Web site! At family reunions, I seldom heard from the nieces and nephews about their houses, their children, their jobs, or their everyday lives. I seldom saw pictures of their children. Sometimes their parents or my mother would tell me these things - but I missed big gaps. MyEpistles.com has blessed my family immensely. It's even better than a family reunion every day!"

Pamela Johnson
Viborg, SD
"MyEpistles.com is like sitting around the house with my family and not being caught up in the business of the holiday or other events that bring us together, yet take us away as we have to manage the event. It is relaxed and fun conversations. In the past, it has been so time consuming to write emails to each family member, even with forwarding. The epistle site allows us to really communicate and have fun as we comment or not on the epistles written. I'm loving it!"

Greg and Janel Campbell
Rigby, ID
"When school ended, we all headed in different directions. I wondered how I would stay contacted with the dear friends I had made over the past few years. MyEpistles.com was the answer. We now have a place to visit one another online! Itís better than a phone call because weíre all involved. We share the experiences of our lives and reminisce about the good olí days. With MyEpistles.com, I know the miles separating us wonít keep us apart and Iíll continue to grow closer to my friends."

Errica Asper
Saginaw, MI
"Through MyEpistles.com, I was getting to know my wife's family better than my own. I decided I needed to get a group started for my own family. Iím so glad I did! My siblings and parents all live in different states. But, with the conversations and pictures we share on MyEpistles.com, I feel closer to them than I have in a long time."

Brett Jenson
Scottsdale, AZ
"I love MyEpistles! Itís like everyone sitting around adding comments at a family get together. This way, it may be a day or two before you get to add a comment to what someone else is saying, but you donít have as many distractions around. At family get togethers, you may only catch parts of each conversation, story or joke being told. With MyEpistles, you get to see what everyone is saying about the current topic. Itís fun that everyone can laugh and enjoy the same experience together."

Karen Hiatt
Rigby, ID